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Design & Development

It used to be you got a great design, and you were set. Maybe not any longer.

Now you need to think about search, social media which might include Twitter, Instagram and even Yelp.


When we started in business, one of our first clients stressed how important it was to be on search engines and we had to optimize their site for search engines. They were ahead of the pack at that time.

We barely completed two or three pages and there they were already on Alta Vista.

Those days are way, way in the past. Do you even remember Alta Vista? Now optimizing for Search Engines is a full time job, and you will need to be part of it.

Landing Pages

Search Engines now index billions of pages, searched by billions of people.

Do you really care if a lot of them visit your sight, or would you rather have visitors more likely to become leads?

We think Landing Pages help get you closer to generating new and repeat business.

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Web  Site  Design  &  Development

Design and Development

Your design and the look and feel of your web site represent an important extension of your overall branding efforts.

A significant portion of your site visitors are visually oriented, and will remember or reject your your site purely on its appearance. Of course, an equally significant number of people will need to absorb your content. Both design and content matter.

You've developed a great graphic design team, and their work for the design of your web site is outstanding. Now it gets complicated.

That terrific design must be translated into a very different medium. Imagine your business card. What if every single time you gave it to someone, it changed size depending on the person receiving it; that's what the internet has become, used by people at their desktop and on tablets and on their cell phones.

Will your web site and that great design work everywhere? Will your most important content appear prominently on an iPhone?

Web Sites are not art.

They may be artful, but they are tools typically built to serve commercial purposes. In most cases site owners will need to think about how to find prospects and clients or users. And this is where it becomes very specialized.

If you are starting to build your web site or re-build it, even before you call your graphic designer, take the time to think it through and plan thoroughly.

More than ever, the process of planning and developing a marketing program for your Internet presence, may have significant impact on your investment. The impact on your bottom line will be even more severe if you need to go back to building the site because you began designing before planning for Search Engines, Responsive design and all the other marketing channels.

Following, we offer some ideas to think about.

Paul Rand

"Design is the method of putting form and content together. Design, just as art, has multiple definitions; there is no single definition. Design can be art. Design can be aesthetics. Design is so simple, that's why it is so complicated."

"A work of art is realized when form and content are indistinguishable. When they are in synthesis. In other words, when they fuse. When form predominates, meaning is blunted. When content predominates, interest lags."

Paul Rand

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Search  Engine  Optimization


If getting ranked on Search Engines is important to you, then the design portion of developing your web site just got a whole lot more complicated. It's not a print brochure. Search Engines cannot see logos, and have no memory of branding or appreciation of beauty.

Search Engines only see content which is why you hear the phrase, "Content is King."

But content for humans and content for robots are not the same thing. Your content must be written for both.

It must be compelling and tell a story humans can understand and to which they can relate, and it must be written so a robot understands what your site is about. And if you want to rank high on the robot's engines, the content must feed them a diet they can understand and use.

Organic SEO is the art and science of getting your web site to show up within the first page of search engine results. Success here depends almost entirely on your work in developing content and keywords.

The trick is finding your sweet spot, the right combination of content and keywords. You need to find words which are popular but not too popular, and then develop content with which the search engines can work and still engages humans.

What is SEO Today?

The world is more complex now; people transition easily from mobile devices, to web sites, to reviews on Yelp. Marketing means thinking more about using search as part of your client's and prospect's complete experience with you on the web. SEO is no longer a function of learning and outsmarting algorithms. Today you need valuable content with a sustained strategy for engaging with your visitors, clients and leads.

An SEO Story
  • Huqmafsfmj
    That's the name of your new invention. Marketing tells you the internet is a prime selling channel. If you want to sell Huqmafsfmj then that's your keyword, right?
  • Want the Answer?
    Well, not exactly.
    Huqmafsfmj could be your keyword, but who besides you knows this word? Right; nobody! So how could they search? If no one knows the word, this is a job for social media, not search engines. You need to spread the word, Huqmafsfmj, and then you will be ready to optimize for the search engines. But you could turn Huqmafsfmj into a landing page; just tell Vega what it does, and what it means.
    Okay I got it.
  • Estate Law
    You're the best; you protect your clients and you save them taxes. You want to grow; marketing says try the web. Easy, you're keywords are 'estate law.' What could be simpler?
  • What, Not Simple?
    So you think this is simple, do you? Do a search for Estate Law. Wow, back already? You got a million results, didn't you? Yes, and that's because there are millions of Estate attorneys, and they all want to be on the top of the list, and so do you. We believe we may be able to help you.
    Not Simple; not impossible.
Landing  Pages

Landing Pages

Landing pages are created to address two very specific reasons and they are not unrelated to each other.

The first is that when people use search engines, they are often searching very specifically. This means, if they are bicycle riders, for example, and they are looking for bike cleats, they will very often search for a specific brand, not merely the broad category "bike cleats"

Also particulary when arriving at your site as a result of a search, they will expect that brand of cleats. If all searches bring people to your home page, they may be disappointed in their search, and perhaps mistrust your site.

We have worked with people who got very good search activity, but very little clicking deeper into their sites. Almost always this was due to wanting the search results to lead to the home page. They got lots of traffic but very few leads.

Typically optimizing for Search Engines is working on your web site's products and services with a global perspective. You are optimizing for all that you do. We often hear that people do not want to leave anything on the table.

Landing pages start from the other end of the process; you draw people to very specific goods or services, and allow them to develop interest in the rest of what you do. It is another, and perhaps more effective way to help prospects develop the commitment and trust to become leads.

A Home Page

Typically your home page is in very broad terms all about you and your business.

And because you do or sell more than one product or service, your home page most likely will be about all of them. This is not a bad thing.

But also typically someone searching is not thinking in general terms. Even if they are looking for an attorney, most searches start out for a specific field of the law. This makes home pages difficult to index for searches. Too much information, not related to typical searches.

A Landing Page

Landing pages are not home pages.

They are not about many things.

Someone has searched for a very specific product.

A biker wants new cleats for her cycling shoes, and she knows the brand she likes. This is a picture of a search for a very specific product, and it is on one single web page.

One item. One page

Shimano Bicycle Cleat

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Let us know about them!

Company Info

How we think about what we do, and what our customers say about us.

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What's on Your Mind?

Vision...In the business world, your world, this starts with your dream, and then requires someone to work with you to turn it into a unique format, a web page.

At Vega Web Designs we have a blend of artistic and real world practical experience. And while we specialize in web site development and search engine optimization, we do that by imagining how to turn your vision into practical solutions.

How we help

  • Design sites ourselves or work with your graphics people to translate art into web pages;
  • Work with you to manage content choices so your site works well with all devices, works quickly and is still beautiful;
  • Help you imagine how to move a complicated project through all it's steps;
  • Complete your project on time and to your expectations.
I have worked with Vega Web Designs on many occasions during the past decade. They have not only simplified all my computer based and web based technical needs, they have offered solutions and creative ways of thinking about a situation that has made all of our collaborations a joy and successful. I have not only used their services for our own work but recommend him on every project and client I work with. Their combination of integrity, creativity and insight is rare.
It has been my privilege to know and work with Vega Web Designs for almost 15 years now. My company has used Vega's services to design and implement most of our company websites and repeatedly used them for all updates and modifications to those sites. I have always found Vega to be easy to work with, creative with ideas and technology, and timely in results. They would always bring fresh new ideas and inspirational designs to our projects and present them in a way that was logical and fitting for our Company's needs. They were also very versed in the most recent web technologies, which has helped us stay current in our site design and the way each of our sites works with the various browsers of the day.

Expertise is all about doing it, and having done it. And we've been doing this for a long time, and worked with many different types of business owners. This varies from graphic design firms, diet supplements, oil exploration and leases.

It's also about staying current in the craft and purpose of your field. The velocity of change in Web site development is huge. Producers such as us, must keep up with the pace of change to be sure our work reflects well on you. A web site which does not appear current, is not helpful.

How we help

  • Design and develop web sites which will positively work well with search engine requirements;
  • Assist with content, turning humnan language into language the search engines need;
  • Develop strategies to make your web site do a good job for you on desk-tops and mobile devices;
  • Convert those visitors to leads.
We have been working with Vega Web Designs for over 5 years. As consultants ourselves we know how important it is to listen carefully to what clients want and then add your insight and guidance to help them achieve both their stated and sometimes unstated needs. Vega is a thorough professional who operates with integrity and listens carefully to what we are looking for and then helps translate that into effective solutions on the web. I can recommend Vega without qualification.
I have worked with Vega Web Designs on many occasions during the past decade. They have not only simplified all my computer based and web based technical needs, have offered solutions and creative ways of thinking about a situation that has made all of our collaborations a joy and successful. I have not only used their services for our own work but recommend him on every project and client I work with. His combination of integrity, creativity and insight is rare. He has become a dear and trusted friend.
About Vega Web Designs

Did you know most people spend about one and on-half seconds on any page of your web site?

Even if you take them by the hand (or more realistically, direct them over the phone), a second and a half.

What are they doing?

Well, who really knows what they're doing. You're job is to make sure you do not interfere with whatever they need in the sort amount of time they are devoting to your home page. It'sot unusual for people to lose sight of this, and common examples can be:

That's how we help.

  • Design and develop web sites which will positively work well with search engine requirements;
  • Use Social Media and Search Engines to drive traffic to your site;
  • Help you figure out to get the right visitors to your site;
  • Convert those visitors to leads.